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A range of complementary foods & natural care for horses


Equine health based on natural products

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La Marque

Since 2012, Galowade is positioned as a high quality brand intended for competition, racing or leisure horses. Always looking for the best natural solutions for the well-being and sustainable performance of each horse.


Traceability, certification, compliance with quality standards


Galowaderelies on a network of cutting-edge French and European laboratories for the research and development of a range of products for horses.


Some products undergo “LCH Tests” at the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques, thus, a certification makes it possible to detect the presence or absence of substances that can detect the presence of contaminants.


As a result, Doctors of Pharmacy who develop at the request of the brandGalowadespecific solutions with a view to being put to good use on your horses are committed to a high level of quality in the choice of raw materials and their method of manufacture.


It is a guarantee of quality that secures the user, the horse andGalowadein the use of natural products.


Innovation, Research, Development


The will of the brandGalowadeis to offer a constantly evolving range of products.


Benefit from innovations in manufacturing processes, in-depth research, product developments and share this knowledge for the well-being and performance of your horses and our vocation.


Along with experts from pharmaceutical laboratories, the brandGalowadeforges privileged links with a local "community" bringing together an Osteopath, a Doctor-Engineer in agronomy, an Equine Nutritionist, a Pro Rider and a renowned Ethologist in order to discuss new needs and adapt the rangeGalowadeto the expectations of end users.


By choosing a product from the brandGalowade, you naturally opt for high quality products.

The quality Galowade

Galowade ensures exceptional manufacturing qualityfor its entire product range, here you can discover the reasons that make Galowade quality unique.


For creams or solutions for external application, the components are subject toa very rigorous selection by the laboratory in charge of our creations.


Quality, efficiency and safetyare the key words and directions for researchers in the laboratory. A perpetual quest for innovation and research for the comfort of all horses with Galowade.


The products are stored in the appropriate temperature and light conditions.


A production that allows to extract the maximum of active ingredients and thus be the optimum reflection of the "totum" of the plant.

La Qualité

Galowade in the specialized press

Cheval santé , cheval Magazine, Grand Prix Lifestyle


Galowade Partnership


Magdalena Pommier

Galowade Partner

Galowade wished to support an exceptional person by his talent, by his approach to horses, by his boundless passion for the equestrian world. A meeting with this dressage specialist will never leave you indifferent and there is no doubt that your horse will also remember it...

Thanks to Magdalena Pommier for his collaboration and great loyalty to the Galowade brand


“I want to bring my horses to high-level dressage competitions while practicing a way of working them that suits them. Through daily work, and in the hope that it translates into good results in competition and progress for my students, I want to be able to demonstrate that ethology is not about inventing a science or creating a new discipline. Conversely, it makes it possible to exploit the knowledge accumulated since the dawn of time and to redevelop it in order to be able to optimize the qualities of our horse, whatever they may be. This, taking into account his mind to prepare him to give all his physical capacities without constraint and without stress ”



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